WGC believe strongly in ethical trading and are committed to conducting their business in an ethical manner that is fully compliant with both statutory and legal requirements. WGC conducts all its business activities in accordance with The Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code which is an internationally recognised set of labour standards based on ILO conventions.

We ensure:
• That employment is freely chosen
• That freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected
• That working conditions are safe and hygienic
• That child labour is not used
• That living wages are paid
• That working hours are not excessive
• That no discrimination is practised
• That regular employment is provided
• That no harsh or inhumane treatment is allowed

This Policy is supported by the Modern Slavery Policy Statement and Anti-Bribery Policy. We ensure that all staff are aware of our commitment to this policy which will be reviewed on an annual basis

This policy was issued on 1 January 2024 and has been approved by the board of WGC Limited.