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Outsourcing housekeeping to WGC is the start of a new partnership. To appoint an external specialist to deliver brand standards to your guests is a major decision for your organisation. The critical factor is deciding on who can best understand your expectations. The key component to setting this relationship in place is to determine if there is a common set of values between the two organisations. The critical success of service delivery relies upon its team. At the heart of the company is its team. No other provider demonstrates a better commitment to its team. We ensure they feel engaged, enthusiastic and above all else passionate about achieving excellence for your property.

We strive to be the employer of choice, we encourage a ‘can do’ approach and constantly promote the mantra that ‘housekeeping is more than just a job it’s a profession’. We encourage personal development, we train in house and inspire each team member to look at enhancing their careers by following our structured progression path with the aim of fulfilling their ambitions.

Our flexible model allows us to work with solutions that will achieve your vision. Whether you totally outsource or retain elements of management, we ensure there is a seamless approach to service delivery.

We offer a national service and with our breadth of management cover, that ensures local knowledge.

WGC services a growing portfolio of 11 million rooms. The client base is diverse ranging from budget hotels, through exclusive boutiques, to the fast emerging sector of serviced apartments. The client base includes a multitude of international clients as well as a plethora of franchisees and independents.

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